These Cats Never Thought Somebody Would Rescue Them Until A Miracle Happened!

Left alone in the freezing cold, these cats never expected anyone to come to their rescue.

They were inside a white box in the middle of the woods, in a place with no homes nearby and vehicles only occasionally passed.

To make the situation even worse, the white box they were in makes it nearly impossible for anyone to see because it blends in with the snow. Miraculously, someone saw the box and rescued these two kittens that would have died without his help.

The two kittens, later named Cash and Tango, had a bowl of food and water in the box with them. And based on how much they liked human contact, it’s likely these cats were recently abandoned.

Their story is the perfect example of why everyone needs to be aware of animal abandonment! If you cannot care for your animals any longer, for any reason, PLEASE – go to your local rescue shelter that can help. Don’t leave your loved ones in the cold to fend for themselves. Any minute longer in the cold could have meant death for these cats.

Thankfully, they’ve recovered completely and have found a loving home and they owe it all to the man who spotted them in the woods.

I could never imagine leaving my pet to die. Rescue shelters and organizations will take your pet, no questions asked, if ever you find yourself in the position where you can no longer keep your pets. Please, at least take them there where they are safe and warm!

Feel free to share Cash and Tango’s story to help raise awareness for animal abandonment. No animal should ever have to experience what these two sweeties went through. Help make a difference by spreading the word.

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