Plushie-Loving Therapy Dog Gets A Real Live Kitten To Cuddle

You may remember Mojito as the Golden Retriever with the adorable bedtime ritual. The sweet therapy dog carefully chooses one of her arsenal of plushie toys to snuggle with each night at bedtime.

As heartwarming as this habit is, Mojito’s newest cuddle buddy is even more aww-inducing! His name is Skywalker and he is a snow-white polydactyl kitty rescued from life as a stray.

Skywalker was just a teeny-tiny ball of floof when he arrived at the emergency veterinary clinic where Mojito’s dad works this past May. Mojito’s mom, Kim Downie, adores pets as much as her husband, so the couple decided to adopt the little orphan.

It was love at first sight for Mojito!

“She went right to giving him kisses. Luckily, he didn’t mind. He loved cuddling with her right away,” Downie told Love Meow.

Before Skywalker came along, Mojito had a slightly unhealthy and often unreciprocated fixation on the family’s other cat, Vader. Sweet Mojito would follow the black cat from room to room trying to cuddle and bathe her.

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Although Vader usually gave in, she was definitely relieved when the pup’s affections shifted to the family’s new kitten!

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Skywalker loves his time with Mojito. Whether they are gazing out the back door or napping in each other’s arms, you are sure to find them together.

“I do think sometimes he thinks she’s his mommy,” Downie said. “Mojito is very loving. She’s a therapy dog and absolutely loves doing her visits. Skywalker is just super goofy.”

The tiny kitten with the extra toes has grown exponentially since he fist arrived in the Downie home, but his age and size have not weakened his relationship with his surrogate mom.

The pair still enjoy their daily nature viewings through the back door.

And, of course, unlimited tandem naps!

Follow Skywalker and Mojito on Instagram for even more adorable photos!


H/T to Love Meow

Featured Images via Instagram/Mojito_Rose



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