Sport-loving Cat Intensely Watches The Soccer Game

| Published on June 15, 2015

“Crazy Cat Lady”–that term sort of denotes that it’s mostly females who own cats. However, cats can be great companions for men too. They may not be as active as dogs, but they’re very good pets for both male and female. In fact, the cat in the video below is a perfect companion for guys who are into sports!

This cat loves to watch soccer! According to his owner, this cat watches sports on the television for hours and hours; he could watch football all day long. In the video, you can see him watching the game so intensely. His eyes are totally glued to the TV. There are even some points in the video when the cat was right in front of the TV screen!

Don’t get too close to the TV, sweetie. That will hurt your eyes!

LOL! Who says cats can’t be sports fans too?