Cat Greets His Human Home Everyday & Always Has Something To Say!

| Published on June 15, 2015

Unlike dogs who are wagging their tails like crazy, jumping for joy, and even howling because of happiness, most cats don’t welcome their humans in such a joyful fashion. Well we saw that hilarious compilation video of cats welcoming Soldiers home. And it’s obvious, cats and dogs are very different when it comes to welcome home greetings.

However this cat is not like most cats. His name is Dude. Whenever his human arrives home, Dude makes it a point to greet him and have a conversation with him. Every time his human gets home, Dude runs down the driveway to his human’s truck. And as soon as his human gets out of the truck, Dude always has something to say to him. Watch the video below!

It’s like he’s saying, “Hello, how was your day?” or maybe “I’m hungry, where’s my food? What took you so long?”

Well, whatever Dude is trying to say, we love how he interacts with his human when he comes home!

Does your cat welcome you home? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!