Biffle’s Amazing Story From Stray Cat To Finding His Forever Home!

Stray cats never chose to be abandoned or abused. Typically these cats used to have a home and once felt what it’s like to be loved and cared for. However, even though some of them are fearful and not used to human contact, they all still long for a forever home and can’t wait to be loved upon!
Which is why we want you to meet Biffles. Biffles was a stray cat that lived an awful life but thanks to some caring people, he was rescued and it didn’t take long at all to domesticate Biffles. He easily began trusting and loving humans again. He loves to cuddle and he turns into mush when you rub his cheeks. While he doesn’t like dogs, he can mingle with other cats. Such an adorable kitty! I’m sure that since so much time has passed since this video’s original posting, Biffles has found his forever home and is living the life he deserves! <3

Whether they are stray or feral, cats long for the love and respect they deserve! We can’t stress this enough, ADOPT a cat!! You’ll save a life.

We’d love to hear your cat’s adoption story so head down to the bottom of this page and share it with us in the comments section!

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