Neighborhood “Cat Burglar” Caught Trying To Steal Package From Porch

Normally, if you caught somebody taking a package off of your front porch, you would be furious. But in the case of this cute cat burglar, the “victim” couldn’t help but laugh.

Kristin Beck of St. Petersburg, Florida had ordered a couple of banana-shaped catnip toys for her cats, Napa and Vino. When she pulled up to her home this particular day, she saw this neighborhood cat trying to get into the package and steal Napa and Vino’s toys! She pulled out her phone and got this video before the cat got startled and ran away from the scene of the crime, stopping for one last forlorn look over his shoulder.

Beck told The Dodo:

“There are no hard feelings against the little cat burglar. It’s the holidays and I’m glad he got to enjoy some treats, if only for a little while. Not to mention I have not laughed that hard in a really long time.”

In the end, Napa and Vino were thrilled with their new toys and didn’t seem to be bothered that another cat nearly had them first.

(H/T: The Dodo)

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