Meet 5 Cats And Kittens Finding Second Chances Thanks To Foster Care

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on December 30, 2020

When cats are rescued, many of them need extra care and healing before they’re ready to find their forever homes. This is where foster homes come in. In the homes of cat lovers with a special gift for curative care, kitties get better from illnesses, mend from injuries, and learn how to be part of a family.

Have you ever thought about fostering cats or kittens?

If so, there’s so many reasons to help felines find their forever homes, even if that home isn’t your own. With 3 million cats entering shelters every year and only half this figure finding homes, cats need all the help they can get. Fostering gives cats who might once have succumbed to circumstance a chance for a long and healthy life with people who love them.

Let’s meet a few cats and kittens who prove fostering saves lives and offers second chances.


Fostering Cats Saves Lives

One of the many lucky kittens to be fostered by the Youngest Old Cat Lady, Hawk had what foster mom Ashley called an evil twin. He was born with a kidney which just didn’t work and swelled so large, it’s a surprise the thing didn’t rupture. But, the adorable kitten made it through surgery with flying colors. He’s recently been able to start playing with the other kittens again, and soon, he’ll be ready for adoption. Check out his before and after photo to see the difference!


Ash came into the care of Alley Cat Rescue after he suffered a broken jaw during a domestic disturbance situation. Through one of their affiliated foster families, this sweet grey cat got the chance to heal from surgery and a wired jaw in comfort and love. Now, Ash is looking for the forever home that will let him be the goofball he was always meant to be!


Meet Pierre! This cutie kitten and his littermates are fostering with Bay Area Baby Cats. Pierre and some of his siblings suffered from severe eye infections at the time of their rescue. Eventually, Pierre’s eye ruptured and had to be removed. But now he’s on his way to being a healthy kitten looking for his forever family.


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All hail King Arthur of Music City Kitties! This noble lad came into foster care with an eye infection and though he wasn’t feeling his best, he was still a lovebug who made biscuits with the best of them. As a senior cat of 10, Arthur faced a harder time finding his forever home as many people seek kittens first. Thanks to his devoted foster family, this king of cats has been adopted!


Vincent was a wild boy who turned up covered in mange with open sores and missing fur. Super skinny, he needed food and care, but lucky for this tough black cat, Catman Chris Poole knew how to get him strong and on his paws again. Now, Vincent has a forever home and a family to love him! That doesn’t sound unlucky at all!


Want to help save cats and kittens through fostering? Contact your local animal shelters and cat rescue groups to learn how to get involved. Every kitty matters and deserves a happy home!

Feature Image: @bayareababycats/Instagram & @music_city_kitties/Instagram