Marvelous Mama Cat Takes On Care Of Second Litter For Ten Kittens Total

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on July 29, 2022

At first glance of Mama Macy in an Instagram photo surrounded by a sea of tiny kittens, she looks quite unsure about her maternal duties. Between her litter and the one she adopted, Macy has quite the clowder on her paws. But foster mom Wilma assures this amazing cat is a marvelous mother to her combined litter of ten. And thanks to the teamwork between Macy and Wilma, those ten little ones have grown into fine young cats that have gone on to find their forever homes.

But these sweet kittens might not have made it to their new families without the help of a kind soul who discovered a big feline family in need of some help.

Mom To Them All

Macy and her ten kittens arrived in the care of the Humane League of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania after a kind soul trapped them and brought them in. The ten kittens belonged to Macy and another stray cat, but the other mom couldn’t be found. Still, it was better to take all the kittens and one mom rather than risk some of them being left behind for a mom who may or may not return. But Macy took on the extra babies without hesitation. As she’s a lovebug with a nurturing heart, it’s no surprise!

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Once settled with foster mom Wilma, all ten kittens proved to be healthy babies with eager appetites. And with so many mouths to feed, Wilma jumped in to help Macy with the milk bar by supplementing with formula. Their secret to keeping all those hungry kittens happy?

“Although there are times when all 10 are trying to nurse at the same time, there are usually 4-5 of them who are napping,” Wilma explained. “The trick is to make sure everyone is getting their share, either from her or from me.”

Together, Macy and Wilma became co-parenting queens because, as Wilma shared, “Everyone is gaining weight and doing great. They’re PERFECTION!”

“Macy continues to amaze me, and spends all of her time eating, nursing and catching naps away from the babies. She’s a gem!”

And with so many kittens around, Wilma also said, “The cuddle puddles are epic around here, and they’re often double deckers.”

Everyone Finds a Home

After just a few weeks, Wilma’s place became what could only be described as a “madhouse.” And rightly so, with ten healthy and curious kittens exploring their surroundings! From tussling with toys to climbing all over Macy and Wilma, the kittens have stayed busy, growing up and getting ready for adoption.

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In what can only be called a happy ending, all ten kittens have found their forever homes. But it’s not just a fairytale ending for the littles. Macy has been adopted too! And she certainly deserves her life of leisure as she’s had more than her fair share of work after raising ten kittens at once!

Feature Image: @purrs_in_paradise/Instagram