Mama Cat Decides She Is Done With The Stray Life When Her Kittens Come Along

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on July 20, 2021

Cats are smart, knowing just what to do to get what they need. Or, in the case of Jade, she knew just what to do when she realized her unborn kittens were near ready for arrival.

So, to make sure she could give birth and whelp her kittens in a safe place, Jade made quick friends with a kind-hearted human.

Jade is one of those super special cats that just connects with everyone she meets. You know, the kind of cat that makes non-cat people stop and reconsider.

Not only is she rich in personality, Jade is one of the best mamas you’ll ever meet. In fact, when her time to deliver came, she decided life on the street wasn’t what she needed anymore. With little ones on the way, Jade decided a nice lady named Sandy would be the purrfect host for a mom cat and her kittens.

This Place Will Do Nicely

When Jade started begging for food outside her Arizona home, of course, Sandy complied. And then Jade just sauntered into Sandy’s house, pretty as you please. With Jade being the charming cat she is, Sandy couldn’t say no to the sweet stray, even though she saw the cat’s big belly and suspected it was full of kittens.

Still, Jade was welcomed in and within a few days, Sandy discovered her one house guest had become a party of six…one adult, plus five kittens.

Seeing the pile of adorable little squirms, Sandy realized it was time to call in the cat people. She contacted local rescue Jin’s Bottle Babies and soon the feline family was in the care of dedicated foster mom and cat herder, Jen.

Right away, Jen took notice of Jade’s mom skills, saying she’s one of the best mamas ever, even if she was a little wary of life inside at first. But just like everything else in her life, Jade took it all in stride, with Jen reporting, “She’s really settled in the last few days and now follows me around the room chirping.”

And how about all those babies?

All five kittens were just purrfect! In fact, Jen once described them as “fat and happy.”

Meet the Greenies

All named in shades of green, Hunter, Emerald, Kelly, Olive, and Forest have all thrived in foster care. Thanks to Jen’s care and their mama’s doting, these babies got the chance to grow up in a safe and secure environment, only having to worry about pouncing a littermate rather than fighting for survival.

And, not only are these kittens cute, Jen said, their amazing mom “made five babies with magical feet.” All those kitten toes are multi-colored!

Here are Hunter’s baby beans! They’re too much, sigh, so much cute, no wonder he’s mama’s precious boy. There’s no doubt Jade and Hunter share a special bond and is it any wonder? Look at that face!

Six Cats, Two Homes

With babies grown and Jade spayed, it was soon time for everyone to find their forever homes. And six cats can take a minute to place, but for this family, finding a home didn’t take long.

For Jade and Hunter, Jen explained, “Hunter’s favorite toy is Jade’s tail. I always try to send kittens home with their favorite toy if possible, and in this case I’m over the moon to say that Hunter will be getting his wish, and Jade is gonna have her little buddy forever because they are preadopted together!!”

That left four kittens, “so I just listed all 4 on one Petfinder profile, insisting they go in pairs, and expecting the first approved adopter to pick the pairs for me.”

But the first approved adopter didn’t choose two, they chose the whole field of green, taking Emerald, Kelly, Olive, and Forest!

“Never imagined that adopter would say ‘Four please.’”

With four babies headed for their forever homes, and Hunter coming home with her, Jade can now be a cat without cares! As Jen puts it:

“Now she can retire from motherhood and be a pampered house princess for a very lucky family.”

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