Sinbad Sailed The Seas Of Loneliness But Now This Sweet Cat Knows Only Love

Sinbad has sailed the seas of loneliness, and though the voyage nearly killed him, he’s triumphed and found love while also discovering a fondness for kittens.

This unexpected discovery of kitten adoration almost wasn’t because poor Sinbad was one sick kitty when he came into the care of Good Karma Rescue of South Florida. He arrived with a severe case of mange that had left him missing large swaths of fur, revealing he was barely more than skin and bones. But after lots of love, care, and kitten time, this gentle soul is hearty, hale, and hunting for his forever home.

Sick But Still So Sweet

When Good Karma found Sinbad, it was hard to tell what they were looking at as the poor boy was eaten up with scabs and thin to the point of emaciated. He didn’t seem to have much time left, but the cat lovers of Good Karma felt that just wouldn’t do and got this good ginger boy back on his paws. After four months in a foster home filled with love, food, and kittens, Sinbad was soon thriving.

And taking to Good Karma’s Facebook page, this two and half year-old kitty of preciousness wrote, “I am one of the SWEETEST kitties you’ll ever meet.”

It’s true; Sinbad doesn’t exaggerate when it comes to his affection levels, with Good Karma confirming, “He loves pets, making biscuits, and purring. He is very easygoing and low maintenance. As long as he has love and food, he is good.”

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“Even though I had a rough start, this hasn’t gotten me down,” said Sinbad. “I would make a great addition to your family. Come meet me—I’ll steal your heart!”

“I am FIV+ which scares a lot of people from adopting me but I purromise I can live with other cats with no issues!”

While his FIV positive status deters many people, Good Karma wants everyone to know, “Positive cats like Sinbad can live with negative cats as long as there’s no serious fighting, and can have lives just as long as negative cats too.”

A Big Boy with Love for the Littles

And Sinbad has proven his ease with other kitties by becoming the best foster brother to all the little kittens he meets. He teaches his little foster siblings how to be the best felines they can be with lots of love, play, and bathing!

“Sinbad is a young and active guy, enjoys hanging out with his smaller foster brothers and sisters, and likes to talk in a little squeaky voice that doesn’t quite match up with his 12+ pound frame,” explained Good Karma.

And with that squeaky little voice, he’ll happily tell you how much he loves you! Could your home be the one for Sinbad? Learn more about this darling boy on Good Karma’s Facebook or Instagram.

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Feature Image: Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida/Facebook 

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