Kitten Stuck In Drain For A Week Has A Lot To Say To Firefighters & Rescue Workers

| Published on March 1, 2024

Firefighters not only put out blazing infernos, but they also get cats out of the metaphorical fires of trouble they often find themselves in. From rescuing cats from trees to busting them out from behind walls, firefighters do it all! And a six-week-old kitten in Arizona is thankful for the work these brave first responders do. Without the Phoenix firefighters who saved him, the little one might still be hungry and alone at the bottom of a storm drain.

While the kitten might not have seemed too thankful at the time of his rescue, with all the love and care he’s getting from the Arizona Humane Society; the baby ginger has gone from a yelling wild one to a happy little snuggle puss.

Two-Day Rescue Operation

When word came of a young kitten stuck in a storm drain for about a week, AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians and the Phoenix Fire Department went to work to save him.

As AHS shared, “This poor kitten had reportedly been meowing for help for one week, and the two-day rescue took all hands on deck.”

But the kitten seemed to have missed the memo that help had arrived, dodging rescuers every effort for two solid days. He was straight down in the drain, but every time someone tried to interact with the wily boy, he’d duck into an offshoot of the pipe, making it impossible to corner him.

After so much back-and-forth, the rescue squad lowered a humane trap into the drain. Because kittens love stinky food, the trap proved a success. And when rescuers pulled him to street level, the kitten had plenty to say, meowing loudly about all the commotion!

Getting Healthy For His Forever Home

Once out of the drain, the kitten was transported to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, where he was discovered to be flea-ridden, underweight, and suffering tummy issues. Getting healthy will take just a bit, but once he’s pronounced a healthy baby boy, “word on the street is that one of the firefighters on-scene is interested in adopting the little squirt.”


The Arizona Humane Society is grateful to the Phoenix Fire Department for their role in saving this kitten in need, dedicating so many “wags and purrs for our friends at Phoenix Fire Station 61!”

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Feature Image: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook & www.abc15.c0m