Blind Dog and His “Seeing-Eye Cat” Set Sights On New Forever Home

| Published on March 1, 2024

During a winter cold snap in Canada, the animal lovers of Saving Grace Animal Society in Alix, Alberta, were out delivering supplies to families needing assistance when a homeowner decided to surrender their blind dog and his bonded cat friend to the rescue.

The family knew the pair needed care beyond their ability, and as Saving Grace shared on Facebook, “The family felt an indoor retirement home was best for this blind boy and his ‘seeing eye cat.’”

Both 8-years-old, Spike and Max had been a pair their whole lives, and with Spike being blind, he depended on his feline buddy. And Max, being a loyal tabby friend, was happy to be at Spike’s side, supporting him through everything.

An Unlikely Duo Bonded for Life

The day Saving Grace executive director Erin Deems met Spike and Max, she told Global News Canada, “It’s absolutely adorable. When we walked up onto the property, there was this tiny igloo shelter, and they were just cuddled in there right together.”

Obviously, the pair shared a connection, and even now, Spike and Max have remained a tight pair with a cemented bond.

Saving Grace said the happy-go-lucky pup might be “completely blind, but don’t feel bad for him, he LOVES LIFE and is a happy boy.” More than anything, though, Spike is “ready to spend the rest of his life being spoiled with his buddy Max. But Max is more than just Spike’s buddy though, he’s “the yin to his yang – his balance in life.”

As Erin explained, “The cat has just kind of helped him in his little survival trek. They follow each other everywhere, they do every activity together and they sleep together.”

And in addition to his caring purrsonality, Max the tabby cat is “such a character and he’s sure to keep you laughing!”

“He’s a very friendly and social cat, he loves to explore and tell stories and he loves to play with toys.”

Finding Home Together

Max has always been there for Spike, making sure the blind dog finds his footing in life. Because of this, there was no question the two would be adopted out together. But with the big changes that have found this furry duo, what they needed most would be “a patient home to take them in and love them.” Saving Grace Animal Society would certainly help Spike and Max find it!

“They came in as friends and they deserve to find a home together. We find it’ll just make the transition for an old senior dog that’s blind, it’ll just make it so much easier if his cat friend is with him because they don’t know life apart,” Erin said.

Before long, Saving Grace indeed found Spike and Max’s new mom, reporting, “They’ve found the perfect home all the way in Manitoba.”

Now, Max will be showing Spike around their forever home, where they can spend their days together inside, warm and snuggly with family!

Feature Image: Saving Grace Animal Society/Facebook