Kitten Saved During Typhoon Finds Unlikely Home

| Published on December 14, 2015

A tiny kitten proved that she was stronger than she looked when she survived a typhoon in Taiwan earlier this year. A chef at Just Diner, a local Italian restaurant, had been hearing her cries for a couple days but couldn’t find her. Still, he kept returning to the area to search for her. Eventually, the wee kitten began to trust him and left her hideout in the bushes to scamper into the safety of his arms, where she was lovingly named Gnocchi.

The chef took Gnocchi back to his restaurant, where the staff doted over her and gave her all of the love and care she had been missing while fending for herself outside. Soon, as she became more comfortable, she began to curl up in their laps to purr and cuddle. The original plan– to find a home for her once she was big enough– quickly began to unravel as the staff and customers began to fall in love with her. Customers even began to stop by more often, just to spend time with her! Now it looks like little Gnocchi has found her forever home in the big heart of an Italian restaurant in Taiwan.


Image Source: Just Diner via Facebook

Look at her big, sweet eyes!


Image Source: Just Diner via Facebook

Now that she’s comfortable, this little lady isn’t shy about demanding dinner.


Image Source: Just Diner via

Gnocchi wasn’t the only kitten rescued by the staff of Just Diner. A while later, they found Chili! According to their Facebook page, Chili is “a beauty when sleeping, and a devil awake.” Sounds like Chili understands kittenhood pretty well.


Image Source: Just Diner via Facebook