Kitten Rescued From The Rubble After A Fire Gets The Purrfect Name – And Forever Home!

In Rockford, Michigan, locals were shocked when the Corner Bar, a much-loved restaurant and landmark, burned to the ground. When the damage was done, all that was left was ash, rubble… and a stray kitten!

When people noticed kitty, who was unharmed but homeless, they set traps near the wreckage and finally caught the little black furball. In safe hands, they decided to give her the purrfect name: Smokey!

Although the Corner Bar is making plans to rebuild, they still maintain a social media presence and updated followers who were concerned about the kitten. They posted on Facebook:

“Meet the Corner Bar kitten. His name is Smokey. We were able to catch him/her yesterday. He/she is comfortably situated at Carol’s Ferals where experts are evaluating this cutie’s condition. We’ll keep you posted but please in the meantime, consider supporting Carol’s Ferals with a donation of supplies or money. They were invaluable in helping us save this tiny fur baby.”

Smokey was checked out and spayed by Carol’s Ferals, who made sure she was ready before finding her forever home. And it wasn’t long before she was adopted by the perfect family!

The Corner Bar reported:

Smokey, the Corner Bar kitten has a loving home! She’s gone to be a part of the Van Dyken family. Matthew is one of the brave fire fighters who was on hand the day of our fire. We are beyond thrilled at how well this all worked out. Thank you Carol’s Ferals for giving Smokey a happy home.

We’re so glad that Smokey is safe, loved, and with her forever family.

(h/t: mlive)

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