Kitten Really Wants Her Dog Friend To Wake Up And Play


Hey Bella, wake up and let’s go play! Come on now, wakey wakey! Oh look, what big ears you have! Let me tickle them first! Come on lazy bones, get up and let’s play!

Bella is just too sleepy to get up and play with her friend Jack the kitten. She just peeped at him, changed position and went back to sleep again. Did Jack get upset? Nope. Look at him tickle Bella’s paw and play with it going so far as to lick and clean it up a little too. After all, what are best friends for! Jack sure is patient. He’s just going to play with Bella’s paws and ears some more and maybe her cute nose too until she REALLY wakes up and pays attention to him! 😀

Isn’t Jack such a good kitty friend? Let’s hope Bella wakes up soon so she can play with her little buddy who has been waiting patiently for her to wake up. Share this adorable video with other cat lovers like you!

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