Kitten Arrives Late For Dinner–And Just Look At That Expression On His Face!


Poor little kitten, he enjoyed playing so much he was late for dinner!

Remember when we were young and having so much fun playing around with our brothers and sisters then something would catch our attention and we’d wander off? Well, this is what this kitten did! While the rest of his siblings went up to their mommy for dinner, this little one decided to walk off because something definitely caught his attention.

By the time he got back, his siblings were with mommy cat and there seemed to be no room for him anymore. Look at that precious expression on his face! It’s like he’s telling his mother, “Sorry, Mom, I’m late for dinner. Is there anymore milk left for me?”

The expression on the kitten’s face made this video even more adorable! Kittens are so endearing and Ithink it’s a must to share this video. I’m sure it’s going to brighten someone’s day and will definitely put a smile on their faces! 🙂

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