Kitten Is Very Careful About The Food She Eats!


 Rosie the cat seems to think that piece of spiral pasta noodle that’s been left on the table is a bald caterpillar without legs or some insect that might bite her in the nose or tongue if she decides to eat it! Look how cautious she is, touching and even trying to check it out under the table. Hey Rosie, it’s not a glass table and it’s just a piece of pasta noodle so go ahead and take a bite!

Nope, it’s a no go. After touching it and then ducking just in case it decides to attack her, she finally decided that the pasta isn’t to her liking at all and left. Rosie is definitely not an Italian cat, mama mia!

Source: Kitten overly cautious of food scraps by canisitwithyou on Rumble

Rosie’s cautious ways are a refreshing sight to see. Most cats wouldn’t have any gumption and would have popped that piece of pasta noodle in their mouth without any second thoughts. I know my cat would do that…and spit it out if it wasn’t to her liking. What would your cat do, is it a “Rosie” too?

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