Cat’s Strange Door Knocking Method Is The Best Thing You Will See All Day


When your cat wants something, they will stop at nothing until they get what they want. If that “want” just so happens to be your undivided attention, kitty will not go ignored until you stop what you are doing and fulfill their wishes. In this video, this cat really wants the door open so he can enter the other room of the house. (I mean, really, human? That should be a no-brainer!)

We all know that a door closed with their human behind it is like kitty kryptonite. Cats will begin to malfunction thinking that there is this cruel injustice of a buffer between them and their human, pawing at the door and meowing as if something is ailing them. Silly human, just open that door already, will ya?! Alright, I’m going to have to pull out some of my cat ninja moves to get what I want. (This is cat talk, I’m sure you’ve imagined cat talk scenarios like this before!) Now just watch:

Okay be honest, have you ever seen a cat do anything like that before? I’ve seen a lot of cat videos in my day (which is like A LOT) and I’ve never seen a cat do that! Cats will never cease to amaze me with the clever things they come up with. It’s almost as if that cat didn’t want to mess up her fresh manicure. You know how that goes, girl!


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