Want To Know “How To Be A Cat”? These Funny Illustrations Will Tell You!


You may remember a post we shared featuring illustrations on “How To Be A Cat” that were very entertaining. Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling are the creative minds behind, and they’ve come up with a hilarious online user-driven guide for “How To Be A Cat” by getting interactive with their followers.

I loved them, and have a feeling you did, too! So, this time we are back to share some new ones with you to get you cracking up again! Warning: If you’re at work reading this, your coworkers may start to wonder what you’re looking at that’s just so funny.

The best part is, you can have a chance to be featured on their online guide for “How To Be A Cat” via their submit form. That’s right, cat lovers just like you can share their cat’s crazy cat antics and cat logic for a chance to get their own illustration! So after you get a good laugh (or two, or three) on these, don’t forget to submit yours! If yours makes it, they’ll feature it in illustration form on their Facebook page🙂 Enjoy!

cat laptopbox cat

cat knead

cat butt

cat foot

cat hide

cat guests

cat bed







Written by Modi Ramos
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