Kitten Ferociously Tries To Catch The Mice On iPad


Dad has decided to allow kitty to play the mouse game on his iPad. What he didn’t expect was the intensity that his kitten will bring in playing the game. She was fully concentrated and didn’t take her eyes off the mice who were moving in and out of the screen. There was even a time when she meowed because she could only see its tail – cracked me up big time!

Look at how she pounces at the mice and she even tried to bite them! I bet she’ll make a great mouse hunter when she grows up! The intensity level that she brings to the game shows me that she knows how to bide her time in trying to catch the mice. I believe she has perfect timing – she really has that inherent, inborn feline hunting skills and talent!

Source: Intense kitten attempts to catch mice on iPad by MargaritaKristjansen on Rumble

Need to train your cats to become mice hunters? Here’s a perfect way to train them! Just download the gaming app on your iPad and let your cats play, one by one of course! Share this with other cat lovers, I’m sure they’d appreciate this tip and enjoy this cute video as much as you and I did! 🙂

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