Husky Saves Kitten Who Becomes the Boss of the Dog Pack

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 22, 2024

Rosie the cat has a rather unique family dynamic: she leads a pack of dogs on their daily walks.

Rosie, who loves walking with her canine companions, can often be seen leading the way. Wherever she goes, her three husky siblings—Lilo, Infinity, and Mika—are sure to follow.

This extraordinary relationship began when one of the huskies, Lilo, rescued Rosie. As a tiny kitten just a few days old, Rosie was found in a dire state. Her rescuers were worried she wouldn’t survive; she was weak, lethargic, and refusing to drink milk.

In a desperate attempt to save her, Rosie was placed with Lilo, who had a history of nurturing rescued kittens. This pairing proved to be a lifesaver. The bond between Lilo and Rosie gave the kitten the strength and will to live. With Lilo’s care, Rosie began drinking milk and slowly regained her health.

Since then, Lilo and Rosie have been inseparable. Rosie follows her dog siblings everywhere—they eat together, play together, and hang out together. Rosie especially loves playing with Lilo.

Initially, Rosie was meant to be fostered until a permanent home could be found. The rule in the household was that rescued cats and kittens were not kept permanently. However, the special bond between Lilo and Rosie changed everything, leading the family to decide to keep Rosie as a permanent member of their pack.

Rosie was soon introduced to her other husky siblings, Infinity and Mika. She began joining them on their adventures, and the idea of putting her on a leash came up when she showed interest in joining the dogs on their walks. As soon as the leash was on, Rosie followed Lilo without hesitation.

Now, Rosie accompanies her family everywhere—whether hiking, driving, or just a trip to the pet store. “When you mix a cat with a husky, all you get is an attitude,” one of Rosie’s fur parents remarked, noting how Rosie has adopted many canine behaviors. She chases her tail, enjoys car rides with her head out of the window, and even knows a few tricks. Rosie loves playing with toys and engaging in tug-of-war just like her dog siblings.

Rosie’s survival is thanks to Lilo, and in a touching turn of events, Rosie has become a caregiver herself. When a litter of kittens was taken in, Rosie immediately took on a motherly role, nurturing them just as Lilo had done for her. It’s as if Rosie is paying forward the care she received.

Rosie shows her gratitude to Lilo every day, and their story is a heartwarming reminder that friendship can transcend differences.

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