Truck Driver Adopts Abused Stray Cat, Finds Joy

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 21, 2024

Paul Robertson takes immense pride in his work as a truck driver. His passion for the job is evident, having dedicated years to the profession. However, the solitary nature of long-distance driving often leaves him feeling lonely.

Driving alone at night presents its own challenges, particularly staying awake. Yet, Paul remains undeterred, especially when faced with tight deadlines. Throughout his many journeys, Paul found companionship in a cat named Howie. The two shared countless hours on the road, becoming the best of friends over the years. Unfortunately, Howie passed away in 2017, leaving Paul devastated.

Anyone who has lost a pet understands the profound sadness that follows, and Paul was no exception. Despite his heartbreak, Paul yearned for another furry companion. He soon visited an animal shelter where he met a ginger cat named Percy, who had endured a tough life. Percy had scars, a torn right ear, and a missing tooth, but these imperfections did not deter Paul. He instantly felt a connection and decided to adopt Percy.

Percy had previously lived on the streets before being rescued. Despite his rough past, Percy remained loving and sweet towards people. Paul brought him home, and Percy quickly became the perfect co-pilot for his long trips. The cat enjoyed every journey, regardless of the weather, and was always by Paul’s side.

“He’s very affectionate and loves to crawl on my lap, up my chest, and then rub cheeks with me,” Paul wrote on Facebook. “He loves to play. He purrs a lot. And of course, he’s a cat: he loves to eat and he loves to snooze.”

Paul delighted in capturing photos of Percy and sharing them on social media, where the charming feline soon garnered a following.

In February 2017, a distressing incident occurred. Paul awoke to find the passenger window down and Percy missing. He searched the area near the rest stop but could not find his feline friend. With a storm approaching, Paul turned to social media for help, desperate to find Percy.

Despite offers of assistance, Paul had to continue his journey due to his professional obligations. Torn between his responsibilities as a truck driver and his love for Percy, Paul drove 400 miles to complete two deliveries. Miraculously, Percy emerged from under the truck, covered in oil, looking exhausted and hungry. Paul was overjoyed and relieved to be reunited with his cat.

Reflecting on the experience, Paul said, “The other day I caught myself laughing at one of his antics and I thought: ‘It’s nice to live alone sometimes ’cause you can have everything your own way – but I wouldn’t be laughing like this if I were alone.’ Percy is good for my spirit and soul.”

Paul’s bond with Percy is truly special, and their story is a testament to the profound connection between humans and their pets. We look forward to seeing more of their adventures together.

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