How Cats Are Coping With 24/7 Home-Bound Humans

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on April 1, 2020

In these days of distancing, humans are learning what the daily life of an indoor cat feels like. While we are honored to learn the lessons our cats can teach us, the kitties are getting sick of us being home all the time. They may love us, but they love their alone time too.

And one cat told her humans all about it…

Like many cats around the globe, Mylee loves her family and she loves her days of catting while her humans go to work. But Rae Jordan and the rest of the family have been staying at home to avoid the recent coronavirus outbreak and Mylee hasn’t had her usual alone time.

Courtesy of Rae Jordan

And she let Rae know all about it in an Instagram post.

The clip opens with Rae telling us Mylee the tabby cat isn’t happy about the family being around all the time. Mylee then interrupts Rae with a long meow that states her annoyed feelings. As Rae tries to go on, Mylee just gets louder and more irritated.

You can just hear the annoyance in her kitty voice and its pretty funny. Sorry Mylee, we don’t mean to giggle at your ire, but you’re just too cute telling the world how it is.

And Rae agrees, telling The Dodo, “I feel like everyone’s feeling that way being locked up at home!”

Cats Just Have To Accept It…For Now

But Mylee and all the kitties of the world just have to accept that they’re going to be cooped up with the humans a bit longer.

Courtesy of Rae Jordan

And while the cats want to gripe, they also love the extra attention this time of distancing affords.

Rae said Mylee is adjusting to the fact everybody’s going to be in her whiskers for a while. She’s found an upside to the family being home though. “She’s particularly snuggly with my mom while she’s working from home.”

Mylee isn’t the only cat with feelings about their humans being at home 24/7.

Check out how these cats are coping with their people being in their business all the time…

Some kitties are just chilling with the fam, taking in the city views…


Other cats, like dapper Ashton, are working diligently with their humans…


Ronan and Luca are good work helpers too, and “settling in quite well to this work from home stuff”…


A Maine Coon helps with a puzzle after accepting the humans are home to stay. And if the family is always going to be around, then “stop paying attention to your puzzle, and pay attention to me”…


Caught hiding from the humans! We see you, silly tortie…


Some cats are glued to the news, waiting the day when humans leave again…


Don’t let huffy kitties fool you! They might act like we’re a pain in their tails, but deep down, cats love the extra attention.

Feature Image: @fiona_n_gigi/Instagram & @dorieclark/Instagram