High Rise Kitty Loves To Play With His “Window Cleaning Uncle”

Guinness the cat has lived in a fourth floor London apartment ever since he was a wee kitten. Unfortunately, gazing out the windows can be a little boring at that height – except on cleaning day!

Every time the building’s window washers appear, Guinness springs to action and enjoys a little play session. Cat mom Rina Takei records these jolly visits and shares them with her YouTube fans and Instagram followers.

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Guinness’ chunky orange brother, Pimm, occasionally joins in on the fun, but usually he prefers to watch.


Guinness and one of his window washing buddies have become so close that Takei refers to the man as Guinness’ “Window Cleaning Uncle.” Check out this adorable Instagram clip of their greatest hits!

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Featured Screenshots via Instagram/Rina_Takei

We may never know who Guinness loves more – his uncle or his uncle’s squeegee. But one thing’s for sure, it makes for some very entertaining footage!

Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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