Hairless Rescue Cat Gives Woman Love & Loyalty After A Bad Breakup


Break ups are never easy, but they’re especially painful when pets involved. When Rylee Rae and her boyfriend split, she was left with a void. What’s worse, since he took their two cats with him, the void was three times as big.

Feeling empty, Rae started searching for a feline friend to keep her company. Since she’s always loved hairless cats, she figured that that was as good a time as any to begin searching for one!

As someone who  cares about animal rights–she’s a vegan–Rae began searching adoption pages for hairless cats near her home in Toronto. Finally, she found a perfect pink beauty named Delores.

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She is a Skinderlop, which is half Scottish Fold and Half Sphinx,” Rae explained to Love Meow. “She was being bullied (by other cats) and needed to be in a quiet home with no other pets. She was a perfect fit for our lifestyle.”

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Rae excitedly filled out an application, and before long, it was time to meet her new fuzzy friend.

I saw her sitting in the window when we drove up to meet her. I came into the house and promptly set up camp on the floor, hoping she’d warm up to me. Within minutes she was climbing up into my arms and I literally squealed with joy,” she told Love Meow.

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Utterly smitten, Rae’s “void”  immediately began to close. “The second I looked into those green saucer eyes, I was infatuated. I knew from the moment she pressed her warm pink skin into my open hands that it was meant to be!” she said in the story.

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It’s been several weeks since Delores’ adoption, and it’s clear that this relationship is one that will last forever.

“We are endlessly happy to be in each other’s company. She brings me so much joy and happiness and she laps up the constant affection with enthusiasm,” Rae said to Love Meow. “She is always seeking out a lap or neck to snuggle into and is content being spoiled with your love.”

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Sweet Delores can never get enough love from her new cat-mom! “She is clumsy and not at all graceful, but still manages to climb around the house on surfaces to get closer to you, meowing for more attention,” she said in the story.

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From now on, any future relationships will have to be approved by Delores since these two are in it for the long haul!

She’s provided me with an outlet to love unconditionally, beyond the confines of humans,” Rae told Love Meow. “She doesn’t have expectations or require reciprocation for all the good she brings into our lives and it’s a beautiful thing.”

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You can follow their adventures on Instagram @ryleerae.

(h/t: Love Meow)

Written by Karen Harris

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