The Rescue Of These 2 Cats Reminds Us All To Be Prepared For The Uncertain

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on May 3, 2023

For one cat, dad, his felines were his universe. He’d even given his two cats the mighty names of Roman and Greek gods Hades and Jupiter. But when he collapsed in a medical emergency, Hades and Jupiter were suddenly left alone in the world and trapped in their home.

After a week in the hospital, family and friends realized the 40-year-old cat dad would never make it home to his special kitties. A former roommate, who knew how much these cats were loved, became concerned for their welfare and called Hope for Paws in California for help. Founder Eldad Hagar and his dedicated team were on the scene in a hurry as the family said they’d soon be throwing the cats in the street if they weren’t rescued.

Kitty Smarts Kept Them Going

Hades and Jupiter had been alone in their apartment for more than a week, and as Eldad explained in a video highlighting their rescue, “They only survived because they figured out how to tear into a bag of dry cat food left on the floor and drink water from a leaking faucet!”

Once rescue extraordinaires Eldad and Loreta arrived at the apartment to rescue the cats from their sad solitude, the pair knew they faced a challenge as Hades and Jupiter had been trapped before.

“We knew they wouldn’t walk into a trap again, so we had to actively catch them and get out of there.”

And anyone who’s ever tried to round up a scared cat knows it’s no easy feat. Add in the fact that the apartment smelled terrible, forcing Eldad and Loreta into face masks, and you’ve got a challenging situation. But these poor kitties needed help whether they wanted it or not.

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Two Scared, Angry Cats Captured

Jupiter and Hades were upset at all that had occurred, and they just wanted their dad back. So, they weren’t very welcoming, with Hades living up to his divine name.

“He wouldn’t let anyone touch him,” said Eldad, who even offered the tuxedo cat a can of sardines.

But if anyone can catch a cat, it’s Eldad and Loreta.

The pair quickly set up a system that would guide Hades into a carrier without having to be touched, but Hades flat-out refused in a flurry of swats and hisses. A catch pole and some gentle pulling got the angry lord into the carrier. Success!

Now, it was Jupiter’s turn.

Jupiter found a closet to hide from the intrusive strangers. But when Eldad unearthed her, the scared cat bolted from her hiding spot. After a brief chase that almost had Jupiter diving right in a carrier, Eldad and his trusty catch pole were able to guide her into it after she’d flipped, twisted, and done her best to escape.

And though they were tough to catch, Jupiter and Hades are now in the loving care of The Kitty Bungalow, and the sweet pair has warmed up to human hands once more. They’re ready to love again and are looking for their forever home.

Protect Your Cats With The Power of a Will

We never know what can happen in this world, as Hades and Jupiter’s tale shows us, and as Eldad reminds us, “Losing an owner is devastating for animals who are left behind.”

To protect your furry loved ones and ensure they’ll be cared for in the event of an emergency, having a plan in place is key. Check out Emergency Preparedness For Your Cat: Be Ready Before Disaster Strikes and create your plan today. And don’t forget, one part of emergency readiness includes having a will.

“To ensure that something like this doesn’t EVER happen to your pets, Hope For Paws partnered with Free Will to help you write your own, legally valid will, FOR FREE!”

Check out Hope for Paws’ Free Will page for more information.

Feature Image: Hope For Paws/YouTube