Once Just A Lonely Stray Kitten, Now She Sails The World With Her Human Companion

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on May 7, 2016

When Liz Clark was gifted a Cal 40 sailboat from a retired professor, she happily accepted his only condition: to sail around the world and document her adventures.

The San Diego, California native readily quit her job as a bartender and has been living at sea for over a decade.

Along the way, she even made a friend: cat co-captain Amelia (named after Amelia Earhart), otherwise known as Tropicat.

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While exploring French Polynesia in 2013, Clark found Amelia as a kitten in an abandoned house. Wanting to give her a good meal and a little love, the sailor had no plans to keep her (she didn’t think boat life was suitable for a pet’s needs). But plans change! The kitten grew attached to Clark, and the feeling was mutual–so Amelia was invited on board.

However, adjusting to life at sea was tough for the kitty. Clark brought her to explore on shore knowing that she missed land. She figured that if the cat ran away, she’d be happier living on her own or finding a new home. But the Tropicat never went too far–until one day.

The pair was on land, when Amelia went missing. Clark spent days waiting for her companion to come back…but finally, she returned to the boat alone. Clark hadn’t realized how much company her companion had been until she was gone. The sailor figured that this was for the best, and Tropicat would be happier in her new home, wherever that may be…

…until 42 days later, when Clark got a call: her kitty had been found! She sailed back to the island where Amelia had run off, and they were happily reunited! But Clark wasn’t sure if Tropicat wanted to live on the boat once more.

When it came time to board, Amelia gave her human an answer: the kitty looked up at her for a moment, then stepped onto the boat, all by herself. Tropicat was ready to set sail once again!

The two have been together ever since. While the Amelia seems to have gotten used to life on the sea, Clark makes extra sure that they spend more time on land.

Funny how things work out, isn’t it? Check out some of their scenic adventures together:

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A photo posted by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark) on


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