Fire Fighters Rescue Trapped Kitten From Car Spring

| Published on May 6, 2015


This video was taken in Russia where the winters are cold and deadly. It’s very common for animals to squeeze into unlikely places to find warmth and comfort. With the harsh winter raging on, this kitten looked for somewhere warm he could sleep, but his search didn’t quite go as planned. While climbing around underneath a vehicle, he got himself stuck upside down in the spring. Even more terrifying, the owner of the car didn’t notice until he started driving around and hear meowing from under his car! Luckily no one, kitten included, was harmed in his rescue. With friendly fire fighters called onto the scene, the car spring was removed from the vehicle and the kitten safely freed – a great ending to what could have been a disaster.




Cats are known for getting themselves stuck in seemingly impossible places and this kitten was sure lucky that he was discovered and rescued safely. Thankfully he gets to go back to a normal kitty life!