After His Feline Friend Dies, This Dog “Adopts” A Kitten To Fill The Hole In His Heart

When you lose a feline friend, no one can ever take their place. But the cat-shaped hole in your heart can be made a little smaller when you’re ready to invite more love into your life.

The same is true for pups who befriend purring pals and then have to say good-bye. This happened to Gaku, a Shiba Inu who loved his senior kitty sibling dearly. But when the 15-year-old feline passed away, Gaku was left feeling sad and lonely.

His human parents were also mourning the loss, but when they discovered a kitten in need a month and a half later, they knew he could be the perfect companion for the down-and-out dog.

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Torajiro, the name given to the ginger kitten, instantly took a liking to his canine brother. And as a cat lover himself, pup Gaku was eager to “adopt” the newcomer and welcome him home! It wasn’t long before the two became inseparable, cuddling and enjoying each others’ company day after day.

Now a year later, Gaku and Torajiro are still the best of friends. It was like they needed each other all along: Gaku craved the company of friendly feline, while Torajiro desperately needed a home when he was found.

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This is a simple love story proving that sometimes, all we need is a friend! And in the opinions of cat lovers like us, there’s nothing like a kitty to make life complete.

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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