Cat That Could Only Move Her Head Readies Herself For First Steps

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 8, 2024

When Alex, a kind-hearted woman, stumbled upon a stray cat that couldn’t move, she knew she couldn’t just leave her behind. The cat was completely paralyzed from her front legs down, and only her head could move. Alex and her fellow rescuer, Amber, took the cat to a veterinarian, who quickly assumed she had been hit by a car and recommended euthanasia. But Alex could see the determination in the cat’s eyes and knew she had to give her a fighting chance. Seeking a second opinion, Alex and Amber took the cat to another vet, who conducted a series of tests, including X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, and an MRI.

Despite the extensive testing, the vets could not find anything wrong with the cat they named Faith. Determined to help, Alex and Amber decided to take the cat home and provide her with the care she needed. During the first few days, Faith could only lift her head slightly to reach her food bowl. But she was eager to show her gratitude by giving head rubs. After about ten days, the cat began making “biscuits” with her front paws. This small sign of progress brought tears to Alex and Amber’s eyes, and they knew there was hope for Faith to walk again.

With each passing day, the cat grew stronger and more capable. Her rescuers provided her with physiotherapy to help build her strength and muscle mass, and she was soon able to support herself. Every day, the cat’s progress was evident, and her determination was inspiring.

Knowing that the cat would need a forever home, Alex and Amber shared her story in a video that quickly went viral. Alex and Amber received over 500 applications from people wanting to adopt the resilient feline. Ultimately, an amazing family in Belgium was chosen, and Faith embarked on her journey to a new life.

Faith’s new parents greeted her at the airport with a sign with her name on it. It was obvious they couldn’t wait to make her part of their family. The once-paralyzed cat is now thriving in her new home, proving that anything is possible with determination and love. As she continues to bond with her new family, her incredible story serves as a reminder of the power of hope, perseverance, and the impact of kindness.

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