Homeless Kitten’s Reply When Passerby Extends His Hand

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 9, 2024

We are so grateful for kind humans who go out of their way to help defenseless animals get the help they need. Whether in a shelter or on the street, all cats deserve their happily ever after. One tiny kitten was by her lonesome, wandering a neighborhood looking for food and warmth. It was a heartbreaking sight and all she wanted was for someone to stop and give her love. Sadly, people didn’t see her or were too busy to stop for her. That is until one wonderful man came her way.

The man saw the kitten’s helpless face and wide eyes and couldn’t help but kneel down and see if she was okay. There was no mother cat in sight and the man couldn’t fathom how hard her life must have been up to this point. She was cold, even shivering, and the man stroked her sweet face. The kitten was so happy to feel his loving touch. Both the kitten’s and the human’s hearts swelled with love. He made it his mission to save the kitty’s life.

He picked the kitten up and walked to his home, which was filled with warmth. He prepared some healthy food for the kitten. As she ate and drank fresh water, he vowed never to leave the kitten’s side. She would never have to be on her own again, fighting for survival.

The video below highlights the wonderful story. Please turn on the ‘Closed Captions/CC’ for English subtitles. Are you happy the kitten found her forever human? We are too! Share your pet adoption story in our comment section.

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