Woman Puts Blanket Out For Missing Cat, Notices A Pair Of Glowing Eyes

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 8, 2024

When a woman and her family headed outside to run some errands, their beloved cat slipped through the front door. They understandably became frantic, searching for him everywhere they could think of. Oliver’s mom, Roxy Heinhorst, was distraught. It had been hours and she had no idea where Oliver wandered off to. She and her family knocked on doors, handed out missing posters and called local shelters and vet clinics. Oliver was gone, and all they could do was pray he would come back unscathed.

Roxy decided to place Oliver’s favorite blanket on their porch, hoping he would smell its familiar scent and come home. The family’s doorbell camera captured Roxy as she carried the blanket outside. And then, Roxy gasps! It was nearly dark, but she could see a pair of eyes blinking at her. It was Oliver! The kitty had made his way home!

The doting mom couldn’t contain her joy! She rushed over to Oliver and scooped him up. She holds him tight to let him know how important he is to her and how grateful she is that he came home all on his own. She cradles him in her loving arms, then runs up to the doorbell camera, jumping up and down in delight.

Roxy’s family can see her joyous celebration on their phone app and run outside to let the duo in. We can only imagine their relief when they found their precious furry family member safe and sound. Please make sure your pets are microchipped and keep a watchful eye on them at all times. Accidents happen, of course, but please do your due diligence to ensure their safety. This reunion is too good to miss! Watch it unfold in the video below.

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