Elderly Woman’s Dying Wish Is To Say Goodbye To Her Cat


Grab the tissues.

The photo below was shared on Imgur with the caption:

Her dying wish was to see her best friend, Oliver the cat, one last time to say goodbye.

It seems like the orange tabby knew that their time was limited by the way he buries his head in the crook of her arm. But the smile on this woman’s face makes it clear that her companion was bringing her comfort in her final moments.

Her Dying Wish Was To See Her Best Friend, Oliver The Cat, One Last Time To Say Goodbye

Given the joy and peace that cats give us every day, even on the worst days, most of us would agree that the best way to go would be with our cats by our sides.

Imgur user Zellacat commented to keep in mind that this is how some kitties end up in shelters. They said, “When you are at the adoption agencies, remember that older cats may have been left because their owner died & will be very loving companions.”

If you’ve ever loved a cat that really changed your life, you know that the bond is unbreakable, even after death. We hope that, when the time comes, Oliver and his human will be reunited once again.

Written by Karen Tietjen

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