Elderly Woman And Her Cat Were So Close, They Went To Heaven Within Hours Of Each Other


A grandmother and grandfather decided to adopt a cat about 13 years ago. Since they were seniors, volunteers from a local shelter brought three perspective kitties into their house, allowing them to choose one.

Two of the cats were skittish and hid behind furniture. But when a 2-year-old tabby named Gabby was brought in, she immediately made herself comfortable in the home. It was clear that the kitten wanted the elderly couple as much as they wanted her.

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Courtesy: Jill Layton


After Grandpa died, it was just Grandma and Gabby, and the two became especially close.

From the time they got out of bed in the morning, to the time that they went to sleep, with Gabby circling Grandma’s pillow, the pair were inseparable.

Grandma read every day, not only because she loved books, but because Gabby would snuggle up next to her, and they’d quietly enjoy each other’s company.

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Courtesy: Jill Layton


The years passed, and they both grew older together. Gabby began separating herself from the person she loved most, and Grandma lost her appetite and too much weight. The elderly woman must have known that their time together on Earth was almost done.

When she took Gabby to the vet, they decided it was best to send Gabby over the rainbow bridge in peace. Grandma comforted her best friend of so many years, patting her soft fur until she made her journey out of this world.

Grandma arrived home to an empty house, emotionally drained from the day. She laid down on the couch to take a nap…

And joined Gabby in Heaven shortly thereafter.

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Courtesy: Jill Layton


The original version of this beautiful story is written by granddaughter Jill Layton, contributing writer to The Dodo. In the piece, she writes:

I like to think that Gabby was there in spirit to comfort Grandma as she took her last breath, just as Grandma did for Gabby a few hours earlier.

They are buried together, and I’m certain their bond is still just as strong as it was when they were two little old ladies loving life and each other.


Written by Karen Tietjen

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