Dads Who Don’t Want Cats Spoil Felines The Most

Fathers are famous for dashing their children’s hopes of adopting a fur-baby for the family. But how many dads, once relenting to the cries of please over and over again, fall head over heels for the critters they didn’t want?

Probably darn near all of them because once a cat settles into your heart with snuggles and purrs, its all over. You’re a cat lover before you know it.

Twitter user @roobeekeane posted a thread proving how soft dads can be when it comes to the cats they didn’t want…

And then she offered more photo proof of how her dad spoils his beloved feline…


The post set off a whole thread of people eager to give up their fathers and the love they couldn’t help for cats they didn’t want.

A cat a dad didn’t want sure makes an excellent napping companion…


Another resting duo and Twitter user @eden4peace said, “Btw the cat owns him, now”…


Skeptical daughter @tatuwah posted a picture of her dad, “who hates cats”. Sure he does…


One reason dads don’t want a cat? They’d have to share the couch. But, dads then fall in love with the fuzzy kid and let them have all the room they want…


And here’s a guy who said he’d “never allow a cat in his house”. We aren’t fooled…


Some Dads Own It

@John_D2017 doesn’t mind saying he’s a cat convert…


One dad gets “upset if Tatze is not sleeping at his side at night. They are best buddies,” said daughter @alimaus


“I am said dad,” proclaimed @egdeseldeeN. He’s napped with his tabby baby since finding him at two weeks old. It wasn’t an immediate sell though. Originally, “I said no.” We see how that went…


Not Just Dads, Not Just Cats

The denial isn’t limited to dads only. Here’s a mom that didn’t want a cat, but she looks pretty happy with this pair…


Nor is it only cats dads don’t want. Dogs fall into this category too…


Parrots need love too but this dad was not on board at first. Now he’s a bird man for life…


In the end, just about all dads against another responsibility seem to fall for the new kid. All it takes is some snuggles and a good nap to have Dad wrapped around a kitty’s adorable jellybean toes.

Feature Image: @roobeekeane/Twitter

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