Couple Destroys Kitchen Wall To Rescue Kitten Trapped For Three Days

| Published on June 1, 2015

Would you go as far as destroying your house to save a kitten? I know I would! The couple in the video below did just that to save a kitten who has been trapped in their kitchen wall.

Norma Velez uploaded the video of how they destroyed their kitchen wall to save a kitten who has been stuck there for three days. There are no details of how the kitten got stuck in the wall. But when the couple heard a kitten crying, they searched their entire house where the cries came from. When they finally located where the kitten was, the couple tried desperately to get him out. They made several attempts to coax the kitten out, but the kitten got scared and he retreats every time. Watch the video below and see how this couple’s efforts to save the poor kitty!

The poor baby must be very scared and hungry!

Bless these amazing people for rescuing the poor kitten. I hope there are more people like them who are willing to sacrifice their possessions, and give the time and effort to save a life.