Tips On How To Introduce Two Cats To Each Other

Are you thinking of getting another cat? Just recently, we featured a video showing you the reasons why you should get a second cat. That cute and hilarious video by AFV and Buzzfeed has definitely entertained us. Some of you may be convinced to get a second cat.

Before you do, you may want to watch this video first. The video below will tell you how to introduce two cats to each other. Not all cats can get along that easily. So this video will give you some tips and tricks on how to introduce your new cat to your existing cat. This 12-step program will make the transition easier. However, since cats have different personalities, results may vary. Check out the video below.

What a cute and informative video!:-)

Now that you’re equipped with all the info that you need, you’re ready to get your cat a companion! Have fun with your cats!

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