You Won’t Believe What Emerges From The Rubble After This Tornado Hits Nebraska

| Published on June 1, 2015


In June 2014, massive tornados destroyed property and homes of many unfortunate families. One such home was a child daycare, where the building was crumbled to the ground. Luckily, the children and women caring for them were brought to safety and recovered well. During the interview with one of the childcare workers, another survivor makes a miraculous appearance. Without giving out and spoilers, we can promise that the end of this interview will happily surprise you. Perhaps it will also encourage you to create a disaster-preparedness kit and escape plan for all members of the family, even the ones strangers and rescue workers might not always think about.




How great was that video? Saved from destruction, this kitty will now be reunited with their loving family and hopefully find a new place to live with their humans. Special thanks to daycare worker Lori Webster, interviewed in the video, and reporter Bazi Kanani for saving this kitty!