Clever Rescue Kitty Learns To Open Door To Be Close To Her Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, a lovely retired couple from Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, adopted their cat Muffin from Wood Green’s Animal Shelter 3 years ago.

They knew from the start that Muffin was a handful – the shelter tech recommended they wear leather motorcycle gloves to handle her! – but they had no idea that their new rescue kitty was also quite clever.

While gardening one day, Mr. Ellis was shocked to find Muffin watching him. He carried her back inside and shut the door, but moments later she appeared again! It wasn’t until their son visited and caught her in the act that Muffin’s secret was revealed.

Her crafty stunt was caught on video and the couple shared it with the Wood Green shelter. After the video appeared on their website, Muffin went viral!

The Ellises considered fixing the faulty spring that allows Muffin to maneuver the door handle, but Mr. Ellis is afraid of ending up with a “very grumpy cat.”

When the couple wants to keep her in, they simply turn the lock. So far she has not figured out how to get around that obstacle!

H/T and Featured Images via Daily Mail UK

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