Man On Bike Stuffs Stray Kitten In His Shirt To Keep Her Safe For The Ride

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on October 11, 2023

When a couple embarked on a bicycle ride through the woods, they never expected to return with a new furry friend. The cyclists, Celine and Daniel, discovered a tiny kitten alone in the woods and decided to help her. She’d likely perish if left to fend for herself.

The kitten, now named Mini Kitty, was found by the couple huddled alone in the woods, cold and frightened. It was clear that she had been abandoned and desperately needed care. The couple knew they couldn’t leave her behind.

The poor kitten was hesitant to come over to Daniel and Celine, fearing the unthinkable. When Celine sat on the ground and spoke soft, kind words to the kitten, Mini Kitty eventually leaped into her lap. She was relieved she had two lovely people to care for her now. Daniel stuffed the tiny kitten into the front of his shirt to keep her safe on the ride home.

Once in her new home, Mini Kitty snuggled into Daniel’s neck and slept for 24 hours straight. Her exhaustion must have been unbearable. Upon waking, the kitten devoured a meal and met the couple’s little girl. Mini Kitty already fit in so well! Daniel, Celine, and their little girl are so honored that Mini Kitty chose them to save her life.

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