The 12 Best Cat Ornaments To Deck The Halls With Paws And Whiskers

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on October 11, 2023
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When the holiday season rolls around, there’s nothing more purr-fect than adorning your Christmas tree with delightful cat ornaments. Imagine the shimmering lights casting a soft glow on those tiny, feline faces, as they hang amidst the tinsel and baubles. Whether you’re a dedicated cat lover or just seeking a whimsical feline touch for your festive holiday decor, these cat ornaments promise a meow-gical transformation for your Yuletide celebrations.

Let’s pounce right in and discover the best kitty trinkets to brighten up this holiday season!

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Buyer’s Guide: What Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Favorite Cat Ornaments

When hunting for the purr-fect cat ornament for your holiday decor, there are several factors to consider:


Some ornaments are made from delicate materials like glass or porcelain, while others may be crafted from wood, metal, or plastic. Think about the durability you need, especially if you have playful cats around.


Do you want a realistic representation of a particular cat breed or a more whimsical or abstract design? Perhaps you want a Santa-hatted kitty or one wrapped in Christmas lights. The possibilities are endless!


Depending on your tree size and the look you’re going for, you might want a mix of small and large ornaments or perhaps a consistent size throughout.


Check the type of attachment provided. Some ornaments might come with ribbons, others with metal hooks. You might have a preference based on your tree’s branch thickness or the safety of your pets.


Some companies offer personalized cat ornaments where you can add a name, a date, or even a photo. This could be a touching tribute to a beloved pet or a great gift for a fellow cat lover.


If you have a curious cat at home, ensure the ornaments are non-toxic and don’t have small, detachable pieces that can be swallowed. Also, consider shatterproof options if you’re worried about your cat batting them off the tree.


Cat ornaments range in price from budget-friendly to more premium, handcrafted pieces. Determine your budget ahead of time and decide if you’re investing in a special ornament or looking for a more general decorative piece.

Artisan vs. Mass-Produced

Handmade cat ornaments can be unique and might support local artists. Mass-produced ones might be more easily replaceable and come in a broader variety of styles. Cuteness can be found either way!

Sentimental Value

Sometimes, the best ornaments aren’t about the price or rarity, but about the memories they evoke. If you’re getting an ornament to commemorate a special event or memory, that intrinsic value is priceless.


Think about how you’ll store your ornaments after the holidays. Delicate ornaments might require more careful storage solutions.

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Our 12 Favorite Cat Ornaments For The Holiday Season

#1 – iHeartCats Merry Christmas Sleigh Wooden Cat Ornament

iHeartCats Merry Christmas Sleigh Wooden Cat Ornament
  • Part of the iHC Christmas Miracle Rescue Collection
  • Warm, rustic wooden design
  • Festive sleigh with cute furry riders
  • Constructed in layers for 3D visual appeal
  • Perfect for gifting to cat lovers
  • Every purchase gives back to cats in need

The iHeartCats Merry Christmas Sleigh Wooden Cat Ornament is an absolute delight for feline aficionados everywhere. Crafted with attention to detail, its wooden design exudes a warm, rustic charm that complements any holiday décor. The whimsical sleigh piloted by a couple of pups while a kitty naps captures the spirit of Christmas while celebrating our beloved four-legged companions. Its sturdy construction ensures it will grace Christmas trees for years to come. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or gifting a fellow cat lover, this ornament is sure to spread holiday cheer. Plus, this iHeartCats purchase funds three meals for shelter cats.

#2 – Old World Christmas Ornaments I Love My Cat Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Old World Christmas Ornaments I Love My Cat Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree
  • Delicate glass-blown design
  • Antique and traditional aesthetic
  • Intricate detailing showcasing cat love
  • Shimmering surface for light reflection
  • Perfect for lovers of vintage artistry

The Old World Christmas Ornaments’ “I Love My Cat” Glass Blown Ornament is a true testament to classic craftsmanship. Its delicate glass-blown design radiates an antique allure that transports you to Christmases of yore. With intricate detailing, it beautifully showcases the sentiment every cat lover holds dear. This ornament’s shimmering surface captures the lights of the tree, casting a magical glow that enchants viewers. Perfect for those who appreciate traditional artistry and want to proclaim their love for felines, this ornament is a must-have. Old World Christmas Ornaments marries nostalgia with feline admiration in a dazzling display.

#3 – Crazytops Cute Cats Christmas Ornaments – Lovely Cats

Crazytops Cute Cats Christmas Ornaments - Lovely Cats
  • Playful pile of cute kitties
  • Vibrant, attention-grabbing colors
  • Lightweight for easy hanging
  • Contemporary aesthetic
  • Affordably priced

The Crazytops Cute Cats Christmas Ornament is the epitome of cuteness overload! With its playful pile of adorable felines, it adds a joyful and modern touch to any Christmas tree. Celebrating the festive season, it effortlessly combines contemporary graphics with the timeless love for cats. The lightweight nature ensures easy hanging, and its vibrant colors will pop against an evergreen backdrop. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this ornament promises to be a favorite for every cat enthusiast. Kudos to Crazytops for crafting such a delightful piece for today’s cat-loving generation.

#4 – Creawoo Cat Picture Ornament 2023 Christmas Cat Photo Frame

Creawoo Cat Picture Ornament 2023 Christmas Cat Photo Frame
  • Wooden, rustic design with a personal touch
  • Feline-inspired photo frame ornament
  • Whimsical fish dangle for added cuteness
  • Dual function: ornament and keepsake
  • Perfect gift for pet parents and cat lovers

Creawoo’s 2023 Cat Picture Ornament stands out with its heartwarming personal touch. Crafted from wood, it not only offers a rustic charm but also a unique photo frame to immortalize precious feline memories. And the dangling fish inscribed with the year adds extra fun to the design. Its dual function as an ornament and keepsake makes it a cherished possession for years to come. It serves as a beautiful reminder of furry companions and the special moments shared. Creawoo has designed an ornament that speaks volumes of love, nostalgia, and the bond between kitties and their parents.

#5 – JFSM INC. Whimsical Orange Cat Christmas Ornament Figurine

JFSM INC. Whimsical Orange Cat Christmas Ornament Figurine
  • Part of the exclusive Happy Cat Collection
  • Whimsically festive ginger cat in a Santa hat
  • Meticulously crafted, hand-painted resin
  • Collectible ornament with universal appeal
  • Also available in gray and black cat options

The JFSM INC. Whimsical Orange Cat Christmas Ornament is a delightful fusion of whimsy and festivity. This figurine, part of the esteemed Happy Cat Collection, beautifully captures the playful spirit of an orange feline dressed in a Santa hat and scarf. With its meticulously crafted details and precious kitty smile, the ornament is more than just decor; it’s a collectible that resonates deeply with cat enthusiasts of all ages. Its vibrant orange hue, combined with the festive design, makes it a standout piece on any Christmas tree. Whether seeking a memorable gift for a cat lover or adding a unique touch to your holiday decorations, this JFSM creation is sure to charm and impress.

    #6 – Crazytops Black Cat Christmas Ornaments

    Crazytops Black Cat Christmas Ornaments
    • Cute black cat in a Christmas stocking
    • Modern photorealistic design
    • Celebrates the allure of black cats
    • Made of lightweight plastic
    • Dimensions: 4.7” W x 4.7” H

    House panther cuteness meets festivity with Crazytops’ Black Cat Christmas Ornament for 2023. The ornament’s modern photorealistic design sees a big-eyed black cat stuffed into a stocking for a modern contrast to traditional holiday decor. Perfect for fans of the mysterious and regal black cat, this ornament is lightweight and large enough to fill an empty spot on the tree.

    #7 – Holiday Traditions Personalized Christmas Couple Ornament

    Holiday Traditions Personalized Christmas Couple Ornament
    • Personalize it with everyone’s name
    • Made of high-quality poly-resin
    • Satin ribbon loop for hanging
    • Swift 24-hour processing time
    • Delicate and detailed craftsmanship
    • Perfect keepsake for cat-loving couples

    Holiday Traditions raises the bar with their Personalized Christmas Couple Ornament with Cat for this season. This exquisite piece allows cat-loving couples to immortalize their love with customized names, making it a cherished keepsake for lifetimes. The combination of delicate craftsmanship and personal touch ensures that this ornament holds a special place, not just on the tree but also in one’s heart. What’s impressive is the 24-hour processing time, which promises a swift delivery for eager recipients. Whether it’s your first Christmas as a couple with your sweet cat friend or another year of shared memories, this ornament from Holiday Traditions beautifully encapsulates the joy of the season with loved ones.

    #8 – Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Santa Kittens Hanging Ornament

    Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Santa Kittens Hanging Ornament
    • Signature Jim Shore artistic design
    • Celebrates Christmas with Santa and kitties
    • Detailed patterns and festive color palette
    • High-quality stone resin material and hand-painted

    The Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Santa Kittens Hanging Ornament is a delightful tapestry of tradition and artistic brilliance. This multicolored masterpiece showcases a deeply detailed Santa holding a cat and a sack of kittens. Renowned artist Jim Shore’s signature style shines through with intricate patterns and a unique blend of festive colors. The blend of Heartwood Creek’s rustic charm with the joy of the holidays makes this ornament a standout piece, offering a heartwarming touch to any Christmas tree. Whether you’re an ardent fan of Jim Shore’s creations or seeking an ornament with timeless cat-lover appeal, this piece is sure to dazzle and inspire.

    #9 – Midwest-CBK “Oh Christmas Tree” Cat Resin Christmas Ornament

    • Whimsical and humorous design
    • Durable resin construction
    • Jingle bells for extra fun
    • Celebrates the joy and mischief of cats
    • Perfect for a light-hearted holiday touch

    Midwest-CBK’s “Oh Christmas Tree” Cat Resin Christmas Ornament is a whimsical ode to our feline friends’ amusing antics during the festive season. Crafted from durable resin in case your cat tries to make it history, the ornament beautifully depicts a cat’s playful interaction with a Christmas tree, capturing the humor and charm familiar to many cat parents. The detailed craftsmanship and lifelike portrayal make it a delightful addition to any holiday decoration. Its durable build ensures longevity, making it a favorite for years to come. Perfect for those who appreciate the lighter side of the holidays and the joy pets bring, this ornament is a cheerful reminder of the merry mischief cats provide.

    #10 – Twisted Anchor Cat Angel Figurine Ornament

    Twisted Anchor Cat Angel Figurine Ornament
    • Touching guardian angel cat design
    • Symbolizes the eternal bond with cats
    • Thoughtful pet memorial gift.
    • Comes in a ready-to-give gift box
    • Crafted from resin and includes 2023 tag

    Twisted Anchor’s Cat Angel is a heartfelt tribute to our cherished furry companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This ornament, crafted with attention to detail, captures the essence of a guardian angel cat, symbolizing the eternal bond shared between felines and their parents. More than just an ornament, it serves as a touching keepsake that keeps memories close at hand during the holiday season when they can’t be there. Packaged in a beautifully designed gift box, it’s a ready-to-give, thoughtful gesture of sympathy and understanding. Whether for oneself or as a gift for someone grieving the loss of their feline friend, this piece by Twisted Anchor speaks volumes of love, remembrance, and the irreplaceable presence of pets in our lives.

    #11 – Mostefy Personalized Wooden Cat Ornament

    Mostefy Personalized Wooden Cat Ornament
    • Rustic wooden design with choice of designs
    • Personalization feature for cat names
    • Serves as a keepsake or memorial
    • Unique, heartwarming, and lightweight
    • Suitable for both dogs and cats

    The Mostefy Personalized Wooden Ornament stands out as a heartwarming celebration of our beloved pets. Crafted from wood, its rustic charm is elevated by the custom name and cat silhouette. The personalization feature allows cat parents to inscribe their pet’s name, turning it into a unique keepsake. With its thoughtful design and customizing option, Mostefy’s ornament ensures that our pets, present or past, are part of our festive celebrations and hanging fondly on the Christmas tree.

    #12 – Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2023, Purr-FECT Christmas Photo Frame

    Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2023, Purr-FECT Christmas Photo Frame
    • Photo frame feature for personalized touch
    • Meticulously designed with Hallmark quality
    • Playful "Purr-FECT" inscription
    • Durable construction for longevity
    • Perfect gift for cat enthusiasts

    Hallmark’s Keepsake Christmas Ornament for 2023, titled “Purr-FECT Christmas Photo Frame,” is a delightful blend of festivity and feline fondness. As with all Hallmark creations, it’s meticulously designed to capture the heart’s essence. The photo frame feature allows cat parents to insert their favorite feline moment, making the ornament a personalized centerpiece on the Christmas tree. Its durable construction ensures it’s a keepsake for years, while the “Purr-FECT” inscription adds a playful touch, echoing the joy cats bring into our lives. Whether gifting a fellow cat lover or adorning your own tree, this ornament by Hallmark ensures a meowy Christmas for all.

    cat Christmas ornaments

    FAQs About Cats and Christmas Ornaments

    When it comes to the combination of cats and Christmas ornaments, many questions arise out of curiosity, concern, and the desire for a harmonious holiday season. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about dealing with feline mischievousness and holiday décor:

    Will my cat try to climb the Christmas tree?

    Many cats are naturally intrigued by the sudden appearance of a tree indoors. This is especially true for kittens and younger, more playful cats. The tree, with its branches and ornaments, can mimic the allure of an outdoor environment, tempting your feline friend to climb, explore, and even swat at the decorations. Not every cat will attempt to scale the tree, but many will find it an irresistible challenge.

    How can I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?

    Keeping a curious cat away from the Christmas tree requires a mix of deterrence and redirection. Some cat parents have success using pet-safe repellents around the tree base or placing aluminum foil, which cats dislike stepping on, as a barrier. Motion-detecting air sprayers can also startle cats away from the tree area. Providing alternative forms of entertainment, like new toys or play sessions, can redirect their attention from the tree.

    Is it possible to train my cat to avoid the Christmas tree?

    With patience and consistency, many cats can be trained to stay away from the Christmas tree. Using positive reinforcement techniques, like rewarding your cat for ignoring the tree or playing in designated areas, can be effective. As mentioned before, providing alternative sources of entertainment, such as new toys or interactive play sessions, can help redirect attention away from the tree. However, every cat is unique, so some might require more training and supervision than others.

    Are Christmas ornaments safe for cats?

    The safety of Christmas ornaments largely depends on their material and design. Glass or fragile ornaments can break easily, posing a risk if your cat decides to play with or chew on them. Ornaments with small, detachable parts can be swallowed and cause harm. When choosing ornaments, especially for the lower branches, opt for shatterproof designs and always supervise your cat during its initial encounters with the tree.

    Can tinsel harm my cat?

    Yes, tinsel poses a significant risk to cats. The shiny, dangling nature of tinsel can be enticing for a playful feline, but if ingested, it can lead to obstructions in the intestines. This condition can be life-threatening and might require surgical intervention. To ensure your cat’s safety, it’s best to avoid using tinsel in your holiday decorations.

    What should I do if my cat swallows a piece of an ornament?

    If you suspect your cat has ingested a piece of an ornament or any foreign object, consult a veterinarian immediately. Ingested items can lead to obstructions, internal injuries, or poisoning. Prompt action can make a significant difference in the outcome, so always prioritize your cat’s health in such situations.

    Why is my cat obsessed with batting at ornaments?

    Cats are naturally curious creatures, and their playful instincts are often triggered by moving objects. The dangling ornaments on a Christmas tree can mimic the movement of toys or prey, making them almost irresistible to many cats. This behavior is rooted in their hunting instincts, where the motion and shimmer of ornaments can simulate the allure of potential prey.

    How can I decorate my tree to make it less enticing for my cat?

    To make your tree less appealing to your curious feline, consider a few strategies. First, avoid using too many dangling ornaments or those that move easily, as they can entice play. Employing citrus scents or peels, which most cats dislike, around the base can act as a deterrent. Also, place delicate or particularly enticing ornaments higher up on the tree, out of paw’s reach. Securing the tree to prevent it from tipping can also deter climbing.

    Are there cat-friendly ornaments available?

    Absolutely! Many companies produce ornaments made of non-toxic, shatterproof materials designed with pets in mind. These ornaments reduce the risk of breakage and injury, ensuring both your cat’s safety and the longevity of your decorations. When shopping, look for labels indicating they are pet-friendly or shatterproof.

    Can I get an ornament that looks like my cat?

    Yes, you can! There are numerous artists and companies that offer custom-made or personalized ornaments. These can be tailored to resemble specific cat breeds or even individual pets based on photos or descriptions. A custom ornament can be a lovely way to commemorate your feline friend during the festive season.

    Final Thoughts

    As the holiday season approaches, creating a festive and safe environment for our feline friends is paramount. By choosing the right ornaments, understanding our cats’ playful instincts, and taking preventive measures, we can ensure a meow-gical celebration for all. So, deck your halls with care, joy, and super cute cat ornaments, and may your holidays be filled with purrs, cuddles, and heartwarming moments!

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