Dog Dumped For Having Allergies Fosters Kittens Like A Doting Mama

| Published on October 10, 2023

Rocky, a lovable rescue dog, has found his forever home and a new purpose in life. His previous owners gave him up due to his allergies, but that didn’t stop Janelle from welcoming him into her family. Now, Rocky has become an essential part of their lives, helping to foster kittens and forming strong bonds with his new feline siblings.

Janelle first discovered Rocky while scrolling through her Instagram account. She came across a post from the Rhode Island SPCA featuring Rocky, and she knew she had to meet him. After bringing him home, Rocky quickly became a cherished family member.

Janelle has fostered over 20 kittens, and Rocky has proven to be a valuable asset in her efforts. He has a gentle nature and loves to play with the kittens, even snuggling with them to put them at ease. His interactions with the kittens have been heartwarming to witness, as he is always gentle and patient with them.

Rocky’s gentle nature has helped to dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding his breed. Many people are afraid of dogs like Rocky, believing them to be aggressive and dangerous. However, Rocky’s loving and gentle demeanor proves that these stereotypes are not always accurate.

Rocky’s unique appearance, with his expressive ears and tiny teeth, makes him more irresistible. Despite his allergies, Janelle has been able to manage his condition with the help of a holistic veterinarian. Rocky no longer eats commercial food, and his allergies have been pinpointed and managed.

Since adopting Rocky in 2019, Janelle has not gone on a vacation without him. She believes that he has made their family complete and that life only gets better with him in it. Rocky’s story reminds us to never judge a book by its cover. The love in his heart, for his entire family, is immeasurable!

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