CattyCorner: Pawliday Gifts For Cats They’ll Love To Destroy

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on November 25, 2020

Seasons Greetings my pawsome human minions.

Forrest here, ready to give you some sage advice when it comes to your cat and the pawlidays.

With a time of joy and cheer upon us, you humans are shopping for gifts to give your loved ones. For cats, this means a season of exploration thanks to all the boxes and bags arriving in the house. I myself have some new cardboard abodes thanks to Mom’s love of online shopping.

Though we love the boxes and bags, listen here cat parents, you better believe your kitty wants gifts!

I look forward to plucking bows and ribbons from the gifts under the tree, but mom is always on my tail telling me those gifts aren’t for me. To which I ask, then why are they on the floor under a big, sparkly tree? Sounds like a whole Forrest gift to me.

But she still doesn’t relent, so when I finally get to tear into a present that is for me, I’m more than ready. I can almost guarantee most of my fellow felines will agree with this too. So be sure to pamper your kitty and give them a gift they’ll love.

As I’m a kind cat, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to aid in you in your search for the purrfect present for your puddy tat. Your welcome…

Gifts Cats Want

Cat Trees

What cat doesn’t love to climb and survey their territory from on high? The gift of a cat tree would be most pleasing, but when searching for a tower, keep your feline’s needs in mind. Kittens will enjoy a very different tree than a senior cat.


Also keep in mind what materials your cat prefers. Lots of cat condos are made with carpeting. Others have adopted a modern look without the carpet. It’s all about what your cat will prefur.

Water Fountains

Give your cat the gift of watching water as well as drinking it. We’re drawn to running water and if it’s available a cat will choose it for a refreshing sip rather than still water. With a water fountain, not only will we be tempted to drink more water, but the movement and sound will provide cats with another form of entertainment.


Blankets and Beds

Cats love to sleep, so beds always make for good gifting. The choice of what bed is right comes back to your cat’s preferences. Some kitties like a silky feel beneath their fur as they snooze, others dig the plushiness of memory foam. As for me, I enjoy a fleecy bed. The snap and pull of fuzzy material beneath my claws is so satisfying when I get into a good fit of kneading.


As for blankets, I’m hoping there’s a snuggly blanket embroidered with my name beneath the tree. Mmm, sherpa… Plus, I’ll be able to point out to my dad that its my blanket as it has my name on it. He has the most annoying habit of thinking blankets belong to him.

Toys, Glorious Toys

First, let me say, has a delightful array of colorful toys I’d love to sink my teeth and claws into. Plus, every purchase feeds shelter cats or provides them with toys and blankets.

Look at these wiggly robot fish. Not only would catching the fish be fun, but your cat would also get to dip paws in the water for super splashy good time.


Tunnels are also fun options. We can hide, play, and plot your destruction while inside…


Flappy fish toys? Yes…


Catnip and any toys doused in said herb also make for pleasurable gifts.


Treats and Food, Cat Favorites Fur Sure

Get your cat their favorite treats as part of their gift. No pawliday celebration is complete without food so make with the vittles as presents. You’ll make your cat the happiest feline in the world.

Remember, cats in shelters need love during the holidays too. Check out your local animal rescue’s wishlists and give shelter cats the gift of a full belly!

To you and your feline family, your favorite whiskers of wisdom wishes you the happiest and safest of holidays.

And as always, don’t forget to feed the cat.