46 Felines Prove Two Cats Are Better Than One

| Published on March 12, 2024

What’s better than one cat?

Two cats, that’s what!

And most of the time, kitties will agree, there are some moments when two cats are needed to make a situation just right.

While society has dubbed felines as aloof solitaires, cat lovers know kitties crave companionship. Not only do cats enjoy the company of their people, many cats thrive with other cats in the home, proving felines aren’t really the loners they’re made out to be. That said, some cats do need a home which allows them to be an only cat. And that’s fine too! In the end, it really comes down to the needs of each individual cat.

And to keep the peace among your kitty squad, PDSA Veterinarian Dr. Anna Ewers Clark recommends, “Always make sure they have separate food and water bowls, and spread these out so they can eat separately.”

“They’ll also need separate litter trays, scratching posts, beds and any other resources. A good rule is to supply one of each resource per cat, plus one extra, to ensure they can always choose to be alone if they prefer.”

Though cats enjoy company, they still need to be secure in their territory. Taking simple steps to be sure everyone has their own space will make the together time even sweeter. And sometimes, even funnier! Enjoy these feline duos proving two cats are better than one.

Two Cats Are Better Than One

It’s good to have a buddy because sometimes “the vet is SO scary!!”

“The committee against vacuum cleaners” has decided, the loud machine shall be hissed into oblivion

Two floofs declare, “Together we rule.” Long live the fluff!

Two pink tabby tongues licking glass = double the cute!

Two cats mean double the snuggly love

When there are two, a kitty tummy makes an excellent pillow for a sleepy cat!

Sometimes kitties may not look like buddies, but feline logic often differs from our own. Sitting on a sibling means love in cat world!

Two cats can illustrate the point, “There are two types of people.”

Two cats mean the best gossip sessions! This cat can’t believe her ears.

Two fresh loaves baking in the sun are better than one!

Comfort or cat fight? With two feisty felines, it can be hard to tell!

One problem with two cats though…”They’re always plotting.”

And another problem of two? Double the trouble when cat curiosity strikes! Good thing these tabby troublemakers are cute…

When you’re a cute kitty pair, it’s fun to dress like twinsies!

Two cats cover double the territory when it comes to squirrel watching!

Even stray cats need the occasional hug from a friend

Two cat BFFs giving you their sweetest smiles is some of the best stuff ever!

And one cat can teach another cat some new tricks, like how to eat lazy-style!

Two cats mean double the judgy stares!

Mhm, another double judgment…

We see you!

And of course, two cute kittens are always better than one!


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