8 Signs That You’re Living With A Naughty Cat

If you live with cats, then you know how moody they can be sometimes. Especially if they’re playing and have gotten carried away! It poses the question: Do our cats truly care for us? I mean, they don’t ALWAYS show love towards us… sometimes, it may even feel like your cat is trying to kill you. Lol!
Thankfully, at their worst, most cats are typically just a little annoying from time to time. That’s not so bad! But it’s still really funny to think about them plotting our death and plans to take over the planet! 😉 In this next video, you’ll see 8 different signs that will give you an idea of your cat’s personality. Watch and see then decide for yourself if your cat is REALLY trying to kill you or perhaps you were just exaggerating!

Personally, I think they’re just being extra playful and sometimes clumsy! He may be grumpy from time to time, but at the end of the day I know how much he loves me!

How about your cat – does he show you love or do you think he’s trying to kill you!? 😉

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