Chicks Dig Cool Cats

Oscar the cat is what you imagine when you think of the quintessential cat. He’s a grey tabby and delightfully chubby. Napping makes him happy. Food is an ultimate pleasure. And, he looks at the world like he’s bored. Unless he’s looking at his baby chicks. Yes, you read that right. His baby chicks. And this is where our view of cats goes sideways a bit when it comes to Oscar. We as cat lovers know the true depth of … Read more

Handsome Cats & Their Famous Men

A good cat picture can make us take a break from whatever we’re doing and have a look. Who doesn’t love a photo of a kitty cat being adorably fluffy and whiskery? Now, add a handsome man to that cat photo and, well, we’re smashing that like button. Take a break and have a look this compilation of cute cats and the hot men holding them. You’ll enjoy celebrities who love their fur babies, some nice photo shoots of celebs … Read more

Bowie The Cat Captivates With Blue & Green Eyes

With an eye of blue and one of green, Bowie the cat is a handsome lad. His fair coat is patched russet and black on his face, throat, and legs. Black and grey stripes ring his tail. His photos are addictive, thanks to such a striking appearance. He’s simply living art with his dramatic features and over 32,000 Instagram users agree. Bowie the cat hails from Alicante, Spain. In 2018, Maria Lloret adopted the striped and white cat from a … Read more

Pregnant Cat Adopts Woman & Makes Herself At Home

Sometimes cats choose us as their humans before we’re even sure what’s happening. One day we meet a cat, give the sweet kitty some snuggles, and the next we’re head over heels in love with jellybean toes and tickling whiskers. This exact situation happened with a woman and the cat who claimed her. But, when Boots the cat claimed Rachel, little did she know, there was about to be a whole litter of love coming her way. Meant to Be … Read more

Roll-Over Rover, Cats Might Be Man’s New Best Friend

Listen up cat people… Cat ladies aren’t the only one who understand and appreciate the deep connection between humans and cats. According to a recent study, single men in Britain love their cats and happily own the title “Cat-chelor”. In a study commissioned by and conducted by One Poll, 1,000 single men living in the United Kingdom were asked about cats. The study’s findings were surprising and also dooming for dogs and their hold on the title of Man’s … Read more

Mama Cat Adopts Ducklings As Her Own

Cats and fowl are risky business when put together. Instinct drives a cat to hunt the bird they spy. But, not always. Sometimes the protection instinct overrides the hunt. A couple in Clara, County Offaly, Ireland, witnessed just such a thing. Ronan and Emma Lally grew concerned when three ducklings went missing on their small farm. The hatchlings had just broken free of their shells that day. Anything could of have happened to the fuzzy babies, but Ronan had a … Read more

Taco & Tequila, Dog and Cat Besties Create Purrfect Combo

When Delfina Plaja received a puppy for her birthday last year, never did she imagine the little dog would adopt a kitten. Delfina’s pup, Taco, struggled with potty-training, a problem many dog parents understand. Trying to help her puppy out, Delfina moved her home workspace into an alleyway adjoining the house. Not long after the move, a grey tabby kitten curiously watched her and Taco from beneath a car. @tnt_dog_and_cat/Instagram “It turned out he had been living all alone in … Read more

Black Cat And Magpie Are Birds Of A Feather

Cats continue to surprise the world with the friendships they make. For example, just when you think cats and birds are enemies, an unlikely friendship is proving an exception to what seems like a natural rule. While the bond wasn’t love at first sight, more like dinner at first sniff, a black cat and magpie have overcome instinct to become companions. Fur and feather dad, Matt Owens, didn’t set out to add a magpie to his household. He already had … Read more

Nude Kitties For Your Pleasure

Naked. Nude. Hairless. All words used to describe Sphynx cats. Cat lovers might also use the terms adorable, snuggly, or beautiful. Those without naked cat love, might use words like, strange or “scary and mean” though. After friends called her Sphynx cats by such terms, Sarah Jenkins took to Instagram, posting pics of her hairless sweeties, Rosie and Poppy, in hopes of proving those assessments wrong. We think she’s succeeded. @thisisrosiekitty/Instagram Reluctance Becomes Love Sarah Jenkins and her family adopted a … Read more

4,000 Miles Between Them, Couple Connects Over ‘Chonky’ Cats

Cats can close the widest of distances… Making connections can be a tough thing, but the modern miracle of the internet helps the wide world shrink to just the right size for perfect chances. Anna Hosey and Adam Lawrence learned this to be true thanks to a Facebook group titled “THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y”. It all began when Adam posted a couple photos of him with a friend’s fluffy feline. Adam beamed while the cat … Read more