Cat With Compulsion For Flushing Can’t Keep His Paws Off The Toilet

Cats are, without a doubt, the best, but cat lovers can’t deny felines have a tendency to wreak havoc.

Ask Sabrina Louise. Her cat, Kai, loves creating mischief in the house. And his favorite road to misadventures leads to the bathroom, where he often hovers around the toilet.

Why, you ask?

As Kai tells it on Facebook, “I’m a compulsive toilet flusher.”

And he’s not kidding. Sabrina has had a time dealing with Kai’s toilet flushing obsession.

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

When the toilet trouble first started, Sabrina would hear a flush, but could put no answer as to why the toilet would be flushing on its own. Before long, she caught the paw responsible for the flushes. Kai was the culprit all along! And it made sense, Sabrina tells the Dodo, “He’s been fascinated with toilet flushing since he was a kitten. He likes to watch the water. At a year old, I caught him using the toilet.”

But she had no idea the smart cat knew how to flush the toilet by himself, and once he’d been caught in the act, Kai kept it up and then some.

“He started flushing it in front of me, and that’s when he became quite obsessed,” shared Louise.

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

“I tried putting the lid down, but he still flushed. I tried shutting the door, but he screams.”

And it’s not just innocent flushing, Kai proudly states, “I also like to flush my toys down the toilet and will sneak in and flush when people are using it.”

To thwart sneaky Kai, Sabrina finally gave up and turned off the water when it wasn’t in use. But did that deter Kai? Oh no, he just kept trying, but his cute paws just couldn’t work the knobs to turn the water back on. So, the wily cat has adjusted his flushing to those times he knows the water is on.

“Just before bed he tends to flush continuously. I will yell at him, ‘Kai, don’t you flush again. Get out of the bathroom. Don’t make me come in there.’ Then he runs out, meowing and purring at me. Then a few minutes later, he’s back in there.”

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

Sabrina also mentioned, “He especially loves to flush it when I’m in the shower.”

All Around Cute Kai Mayhem

But the toilet isn’t the only hijinks Kai gets into. Oh no, he spreads his mischief around. Have a look at some of his misadventures.

The towels aren’t safe either…

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

And forget protecting the toilet paper! It’s his favorite…

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

And here, well…“Mr. Potatoe Thief got potatoe stuck on teef.”

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

And if Mister Mischief isn’t feeling a taste for taters, he’s got no issue with just grabbing the kibble himself.

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

Kai seems to be a bit confused when it comes to how the cat tower works…

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

But he certainly understands the refrigerator door makes a purrfect perch!

Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

Because “he’s always up to something,” Kai’s Facebook is rich with his silly cat antics. Keep up with the Misadventures of Kai for regular toilet flushes and other forms of feline destruction!

Feature Image: Misadventures of Kai/Facebook

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