Cat Surprises Everyone When He Becomes A Foster Mom

| Published on June 25, 2015

Yes, you read that right. This lovely kitty has taken on the amazing task of fostering a little of kittens, but he’s a male! While this seems sweet to us, it is rather unusual for a male cat to display such loving, motherly behavior. But that doesn’t seem to bother him or the kittens at all. Just by watching this video, we can tell that everyone is as happy as could be. This little family absolutely loves each other and it’s so sweet to watch how Henry, or Mama Henry, tackles the job of becoming a surrogate parent. It just goes to show that all animals are truly loving and caring and will go to great lengths to keep each other safe and sound.

Thanks to the Ketchikan Humane Society for not only giving these kittens a chance at a new life, but giving Henry the same chance as well. All of these cats are loved and cared for and without the help of the rescue, they’d all be worse off. For more videos from Ketchikan Humane Society, check out their YouTube page!