Amazing Video Shows Similarities Of Wild & Domestic Cats!

| Published on June 25, 2015

This video is absolutely outstanding. As cat owners, we’ve all spent time observing our feline friends – how they move about, how they hunt, stalk, leap and climb. Many of us have also taken an interest in big cats and enjoy learning about their ways of life as well. If you haven’t noticed, large wild cats and small domestic cats really are very similar. This video does an excellent job of showing just how similar they are. In fact, even experienced cat owners might be surprised at how much the two felines in this video look and act alike. Just remember not to show this to your cats, because we all know they already think they’re the kings and queens of the jungle. At least the jungle that is your home…

This video is educational and entertaining and is a great way to examine how wild and domestic cats are related. For more great videos from eHowPets, visit their YouTube channel!