Cat Breeds That Love To Cuddle

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 9, 2015

While all cats love catching up on their sleep, not all love to be cuddled. Although we sometimes want nothing more than to cuddle with our feline friends, we have to respect their disliking of the cuddle time and give them their space. Obviously each cat is unique and not all are going to fit into a mold, but there are some cat breeds that are down to cuddle and even enjoy their TLC time. Here’s our list of cat breeds that love to cuddle:

The Persian

12945755813_f92fb0c8a0_zSource: Brad via Flickr

This is just an obvious one, right? I mean, they are just so fluffy and adorable.

The Sphynx

15910031422_a659a73bd1_zSource: Shannon Badiee via Flickr

Maybe it’s for extra warmth, or maybe perhaps they just want to be near. Either way we’ll take it!

The Siamese

12189591175_6b90ef28c3_z-3Source: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

These super vocal kitties will not be shy when they are ready for cuddle action.

The Ragdoll

3782156984_c4fda250eb_zSource: Cássia Afini via Flickr

With a name like theirs, this one is a given!

The Rex Cats–Devon and Cornish

10756033194_8ea9f1efa4_zSource: joan!ta via Flickr

These shorthaired, curly cuties don’t have much fur to keep them warm, so cuddle time for them!

The Tonkinese

443373562_770b660fd0_zSource: Preconscious Eye via Flickr

The Tonk is known by its owners for being a total love bug.

The Burmese

4592360600_3d917fb1e3_z-2Source: Mikael Tigerström via Flickr

These brunette cuties love spoiling their owners with their affection.

The Maine Coon


A gentle giant with a soft spot for cuddling their humans.

The Bengal

2308642374_86abf7fc7e_z-3Source: Sean McGrath via Flickr

These active cats still make time to cozy up to their favorite human.

Is your cat a cuddler? Leave us a photo in the comments and share with us!